Red Snow Crab (Beni Zuwai-gani / Kasumi-gani)

Red Snow Crab (Beni Zuwai-gani / Kasumi-gani)Red snow crab (beni zuwai-gani, also called Kasumi-gani) is caught and landed at the Kasumi fishing port near Kinosaki Onsen. It has a rich flavor and juicy taste. "Kasumi-gani zukushi" - a spread of various crab dishes - is one of the specialties of Shinonome-So.

Authentic Japanese Dishes with Local Products

Fresh assorted sashimi on a boat-shaped plateShinonome-So serves assorted seafood in season and Tajima beef steak, which is famous tasty local beef, as well as Kasumi-gani.

Safety and Healthy Ingredients

Home-grown vegetablesVegetables used for Shinonome-So's dishes are grown on its own farm. Fertilizers are homemade, containing ground crab shells and okara (bean curd refuse). Shinonome-So serves safe and healthy dishes with lots of organic vegetables.

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