Rock Onsen Bath (Inn's Indoor Bath)

Rock Onsen Bath (Inn's Indoor Bath)The Rock Onsen Bath, called "Iwa-buro" in Japanese, is a large bath made of large rocks from all over Japan. It is a famous spot of the hotel. It is available for both men and women. The hours for men and women are different. For women, the hours are from 6:00am to 10:00am.

Female Onsen Bath (Inn's Indoor Bath)

Female Onsen Bath (Inn's Indoor Bath)The Female Onsen Bath is a nice and cozy indoor bath that offers a peaceful and relaxing time. It is also available for men for several hours during the day.

Private Bath (Inn's Indoor Bath)

Bathroom in the annexThe private bath is in the annex just across from Shinonome-So. It offers you a relaxing time with your family. Available by reservation only.

Public Bathhouse Touring

Traditional Japanese-Style RoomsA true charm of Kinosaki Onsen is public bathhouse touring in yukata and geta. You have a variety of choices of women's yukatas for public bathhouse touring.More Details > Kinosaki Onsen - Public Bathhouse Touring

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